Nice to see you here!

I’m the owner of Siro Holdings, a holding company that buys, builds, and grows digital media brands (basically content websites or blogs, similar to the one you’re on right now!)

We focus on websites that have existing search engine traffic, plenty of backlinks, and opportunities to increase traffic and revenue. We primarily buy websites monetized with display ads, but we’re also doing more affiliate marketing, digital product sales, lead generation, and experimenting with newsletters.

Our current portfolio includes 5 content websites. Our websites received over 5M pageviews and had 20M+ social media impressions in the last 12 months.

We are looking to acquire additional online businesses. If you or someone you know runs a digital media brand and is interested in selling please get in touch.

Notable exits include:
-Custom Home Website (Sold 2023 to private investor) (Sold 2022 to (Sold 2021 to Clever Real Estate)